Meeting demonstrations – audience PPE

Most of us are aware that ALL hardwoods and most timbers in general possess a potential health hazard, from irritant to down right unhealthy! As woodturners (at any level) I think we all know that woodturning creates many H&S issues and personal safety is paramount, protecting ourselves from any know or perceived hazard should be second nature. To that end the use of Personel Protective Equipment (PPE) is encouraged in our turning workspace (be it workshop, garage, shed or man/woman cave), the monthly demonstration falls into the “workspace” category.


Individuals know, or should be aware of what levels of wood dust affects them. Demonstrations generate the same dust and no matter how good a dust extraction system is used the demonstrator has to balance the presentation with the ability of the audiance to hear what they are saying. If you know you are likely to be adversly effected by dust, please come to the demonstration prepared to use your PPE. Everyone knows what PPE is right for them and its use is encouraged at any of our meetings and external demonstration (E.g. Sizergh Castle, Southport show etc), if you feel you need to wear it, please do so.


2018 AGM & Awards

Morning all,

Last night, Monday 15 October saw Red Rose Woodturning Club hold its 2018 AGM in Bilsborrow village hall.

The meeting was well attended by club members and committee alike. One appology was received, from the chairman who had a prior commitment.

The committee for 2018/19 were elected and a lively discussion ensued regarding participation in shows and recruitment of new members (more on this matter on another day). Following the AGM it was time to present the annual awards:

NOVICE AWARD — Norman McLaren

Norman McLaren Novice Award

INTERMEDIATE Award — Robert Cookson

Robert Cookson Intermediate Award

ADVANCED Award — John Pickup

John Pickup Advanced Award

WOOD TURNER of the YEAR Award –Robert Cookson

Robert Cookson Wood Turner of the Year Cup

OPEN CLASS Award — Gary Thompson

Gary Thompson Open Class Award


Well done to you all and to those of us who failed to get a mention, to miss-quote a Saturday night TV show, keep on turning!