Monthly Meeting, Competition & Demonstration February 2019

Rick Dobney was our demonstrator for February 2019. A confident, informative and thought provoking demonstration covering all aspects of safety and technique. He took the mystery out of offset spindle turning to produce the superb candlestick below.

Offset Candlestick by Rick Dobney

A few photos from the evening showing Rick and highlighting some of the clubs audio / visual aids.

Monthly Competition

Competition Report – As per the club competition rules, Barry Peach submitted 3 pieces for assessment to the committee, who decided that in the future he will be placed in the intermediate class. Well Done Barry.

Novice Class

1st Paul Beckford

2nd Barry Peach

3rd Bob Fraser

Intermediate Class

1st Greg Kent

2nd Norman McClaren

Advanced Class

1st Gary Thomson

2nd Gordon Bell

3rd Robert Cookson

Open Class

1st Gary Thomson

2nd John Collier