June 2018 – Monthly meeting, demonstration & competition

Hi, I am sorry that it has taken soooo long to report on the June meeting. it is all down to circumstances entirely under my control, other than a graduation date which was set by my daughters Australian University!

The June 2018 meeting and demostration took place on Monday 18 June and Mr Richard Findley gave the demonstration. Unfortunatelly I have no feed back on the meeting or demonstration although I have been advised it was very interesting and presented in a very interesting way.

The monthly competition results are:


1st Norman McLaren

2nd John Collier

3rd Kieron Harris




1st Greg Kent

2nd Robert Cookson

3rd Peter Hamer



1st John Pickup




Open Class

1st Gary Thomson





May 2018 Monthly Meeting & Competition

The latest Club Meeting, Demonstration and Competition took place on Monday 21 May in Bilsborrow Village Hall.The Club was treated to a demonstration by Mr Gerry Marlow of resin work incorporated into a turned bowl. The resultant “spiders web” effect was truly amazing and the demonstration clearly showed the steps to produce fantastic results in a fusion of resin and timber. Thank you Gerry for a great demonstration and I am sure many of the members present were inspired to have a go at the techniques you demonsrated.


The monthly competition unfortunately did not attract any entrys in the “Open” category but a good representation was entered for the Novice, Intermediate and Advanced groups. Winners of these groups are;


1st John Collier

2nd Norman McLaren

3rd David Bludell



1st Robert Cookson

2nd Greg Kent




1st John Pickup

2nd Tom Hartly

3rd Gordon Bell


David Biven also attended the night with a wide selection of woodturning tools and consumables available to purchaseSONY DSC

May 2018 Meeting Presentation

The ltest club meeting was held on Monday 21 May. During the evening Mr Greg Kent was awarded the Red Rose Woodturning Club Novice Platter. This is awarded to individuals who win the monthly Novice competion three times. Very well done to you Greg, he now moves up to the Intermediate entry level and we look forward to seeing  more of your work.



RRWTC Data Protection

Morning all, sorry to distract you from making shavings, dust or wood smoke but as a club (and like fb, banks and all organisations etc that hold digital data about you) we are required, by EU regulations to advise what we use that data for and where it is used.

All registered members of RRWTC will shortly receive notification of what data is held about you for use by club committee members. We will need your agreement for this data to be held and in future an annual acknowledgement that you agree to this.

Further information regarding this matter will be made available and will be co-ordinated by RRWTC Secretary.

Longton library display and demonstration

Once again, RRWTC are displaying at Longton library for the month of April. This year has seen a remarkable 11 members displaying items they have produced and between 9:00 and 12:00 on 28 April Martin West will be demonstrating Scroll Saw techniques and Denis will be explaining turning skills.

Items on display…….


Meeting demonstrations – audience PPE

Most of us are aware that ALL hardwoods and most timbers in general possess a potential health hazard, from irritant to down right unhealthy! As woodturners (at any level) I think we all know that woodturning creates many H&S issues and personal safety is paramount, protecting ourselves from any know or perceived hazard should be second nature. To that end the use of Personel Protective Equipment (PPE) is encouraged in our turning workspace (be it workshop, garage, shed or man/woman cave), the monthly demonstration falls into the “workspace” category.


Individuels know, or should be aware of what levels of wooddust effect them. Demonstrations generate the same dust and no matter how good a dust extraction system is used the demonstrator has to balance the presentation with the ability of the audiance to hear what they are saying. If you know you are likely to be adversly effected by dust, please come to the demonstration prepared to use your PPE. Everyone knows what PPE is right for them and its use is encouraged at any of our meetings and external demonstration (E.g. Sizergh Castle, Southport show etc), if you feel you need to were it, please do so.